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  5. Nirvana at their very first show. A house show.

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    Nirvana acting like a bunch of dorks on a flight.


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    It’s been 20 years today… It’s totally insane isn’t it? I wasn’t alive when he passed or anything but everything he’s left behind and how he still influences artists and people all around the world after 20 years is genuinely amazing. I know I’m like a lot of others when I say Kurt totally saved my life. I mean even just watching interviews, or the music videos, and just listening to tracks over and over and over again there’s such a comforting feeling in everything. Whenever you have a bad day just jam to some nirvana and the lyrics really don’t even matter ya know? Kurt just has this voice that you just know he felt the same way you do. That’s what was different about Kurt he had so much relation to everything that anyone was feeling, and I mean a lot of bands have music like that, but Nirvana was on such a different level. They were 100% raw emotion and it just doesn’t happen anymore. RIP Kurt